Color Picker

Color Picker

A configurable interface for color selection



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About Base

The base variant is the fully featured color picker, with a direct text input, and a button-triggered popover, which has tabs with both a list of predefined color options (swatches), as well as an interactive tool for custom color configuration.

About Color Picker

The Unified Color Picker component allows for a fully accessible and configurable color picker, allowing the user to pick from a set of predefined colors (swatches), or to pick a custom color using a HSB selection interface.

It can be configured to show one or both of those color selection interfaces.

Implementation Guidelines

The Color Picker is a dynamic component with several 'live' areas. These areas need to update when certain user interactions occur.

A quick note on terms

Several terms are used in this document, each with particular meaning. Please take note of the following:

  • Need/s This rule must be implemented for the component to appear or function as expected.
  • Current color The current selected, submitted, and validated color.
  • Working color The working, unsubmitted color, built with the custom-range tool.

When creating an implementation of this UI component, please take note to include the following functionality:


Aside from the 'swatches-only' variant, all Color Picker variants have a summary section with a clickable button. This button needs to toggle the visibility of the .slds-color-picker__selector popover.

.slds-color-picker__button .slds-swatch

This swatch needs an inline style of background, set to the current color. It needs to update whenever the current color is updated.


This input needs to display the hex value of the current color. It should update whenever current color is updated. The user can enter a hex color manually. The implementation should check for the validity of the submitted value before setting the color to be the current color.


In the custom picker, the hue slider is a range input element that allows the user to select a hue base for a working color. Its value ranges from 0 - 360, and represents the hue in an expected hsv color format.

When the user updates the current color, the value on this slider needs to be adjusted to the current color's hue.


The custom range represents a matrix of all saturation and brightness combinations of the working color's hue. The x axis of the form represents saturation, and goes from 0% to 100%. On the y axis, brightness is represented, with 0% brightness at the bottom, and 100% brightness at the top.

Keep in mind that when implementing color conversions, this custom range picker is utilizing the HSB/HSV color model, and not the HSL model.

This element needs an inline style, with the background property set to the working color's hue, as defined by the hue range input element desctibed above. As this element is meant to represent the current working color's hue's saturation and lightness matrix, css's hsl() syntax is the most appropriate format here, with the hue being the current working color's hue, the saturation set to 100% and the lightness set to 50% (the 50% lightness is to adjust this HSL range for the HSB color model).

A gradient overlay will produce the effect of the saturation and brightness matrix automatically.

Any mouse clicks on the custom range need to set the position of the .slds-color-picker__range-indicator to the clicked coordinates, and also need to update the saturation and brightness values on the working color.


This is the targeting element inside the custom range, and represents the current brightness and saturation values of the working color.

It needs declarations for bottom and left positioning, so it will be properly placed over the correct area of the .slds-color-picker__custom-range.

Conveniently, the values are uniformly represented. The left declaration indicates the saturation value, from 0% to 100%, and the bottom declaration indicates the brightness value, from 0% to 100%.

.slds-color-picker__hue-and-preview .slds-swatch

This swatch is a preview element of the working color value from the hue slider and range indicator above. It needs an inline style for background, set to the completed working color value.


The Hex, R(ed), G(reen), and B(lue) text inputs included in this section are representative of the current working color's converted Hex or RGB values, and need to display those as their value.

Users can, however, directly input into these elements. A valid entry needs to update the working color and update related elements. The implementation should protect against invalid submissions.

Expected Keyboard Interactions


This element has the role of listbox, and keyboard interactions when its <a> children are focused needs to behave in a menu-like fashion. Keypresses need to move the actively focused element in the appropriate direction (left/up will move to the previous item, down/right will move to the next item).

Additionally, when focused on the first or last item, the appropriate key action needs to move the focus to the last or first item, respectively. It is expected to behave in a cyclical fashion.


The range indicator, when focused, needs to respond to arrow keypresses by moving 1% in the appropriate direction, unless prohibited by a boundary.

For an additional effect, if an arrow key is pressed in combination with shift, the indicator can move 10% in the given direction, unless prohibited by a boundary.

Other Interactions

Other expected keyboard interactions (such as input field updates) and their effects on UI can be found in the Implementation Guidelines section above.

Accessibility Guidelines

As this is a highly interactive component, there are some key accessibility guidelines that must be followed.


This element needs a for attribute with the value of the .slds-color-picker__summary-input's ID


This element needs a role of listbox.


This element needs a role of presentation.


This element needs a role of option.


Since this element is focused and moved to indicate the working color it needs proper aria tags to indicate its job and value. First, an aria-live attribute needs to be set to assertive, aria-atomic needs to be set to true, and aria-describedby needs to reference the instructions text for the custom color picker range, which in our example is the hidden #color-picker-instructions element.

All Other Accessibility

This component makes use of other components, such as Popovers, Tabs, and Input. All accessibility rules and guidelines for those components need to be followed for proper accessibility support.

Overview of CSS Classes


Fully featured color picker, with swatches and a custom color config


'Summary' element for color selection.

Restrict.slds-color-picker > div

Label for summary input

Restrict.slds-color-picker__summary > label

Button that toggles the Color Picker Selector

Restrict.slds-color-picker__summary .slds-button

Input field for summary UI

Restrict.slds-color-picker__summary > div

The selector subcomponent. Extends upon a .slds-popover

Restrict.slds-color-picker div, .slds-color-picker section

Swatch container

Restrict.slds-color-picker__selector ul

Color Picker swatch

Restrict.slds-color-picker__swatches li

A swatch

Restrict.slds-color-picker__swatch span, .slds-color-picker__summary-button span, .slds-color-picker__hue-and-preview span

Custom picker selection container

Restrict.slds-color-picker__selector div

Custom picker range element

Restrict.slds-color-picker__custom div


Restrict.slds-color-picker__custom-range > a

Container element for the hue slider and preview swatch

Restrict.slds-color-picker__custom div

The slide input that controls the hue

Restrict.slds-color-picker__hue-and-preview input

The group of direct input elements

Restrict.slds-color-picker__custom > div

Footer for the Color Selector Picker

Restrict.slds-color-picker__selector div

Swatches Only UI


Swatches Only UI


Swatches Only UI